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Corporate Healthcare Services

Established in 2007, at a time when the our country was blooming with corporate set ups HealthTree Services Pvt Ltd became a pioneer with uniquely conceptualized preventive, proactive and interactive healthcare services.

What We do..?

Customer centric, Cost efficient, Convenient, Compassionate, and Composite healthcare,... at your door step !

Without compromising on transparency and medical ethics our team formulates a composite healthcare services which work its way internally into your system, impacting many areas of health security, enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism and turn your work force into a healthy and happier work force.

Annual Health Calendar

At HealthTree we simply believe that each individual is different and so is the pulse of each corporate unit, understanding the same, we provide ‘Annual Health Calender’ and/or ‘ Annual Health Week’ ‘Yearly Wellness Campaign’ which is tailor made with special requests after an internal survey and close case studies to conduct a host of DIAGNOSTICS & MEDICAL SPECIALITY PROGRAMS.

Occupational Health & Ergonomics

Occupational health is a multi-faceted activity that looks into 2 way relationship between the work activities, and the health of the employees. Whereas Ergonomics is the science of making one fit to his/her job, so that the individual is in full capabilities, and health to do what he does. HealthTree being pioneer in ergonomic intervention programs offers this at three different levels - Level 1 - Individual Intervention Programs, Level 2- Focused Group discussions, Level 3 - Interactive workshops.

Stress Management Programs

Stress management programs are an important component of any work site wellness & healthcare. Statistics reveal a very grievous picture on how stress and its components are impacting on the corporate world. We, at HealthTree do this at 3 levels. Individual counselling , Focused group discussion , Level 3 - Interactive Workshops.

Diet & Nutrition

Health has its direct impact on what, when and how we eat. At, the end of the day, what we eat always reflects on how will perform. So here is a little fact... the more nutritive and healthy food you provide, the more energetic and healthier employees you have.